How to stop erection?

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How to stop erection?

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It's very important to see a doctor right away if you have priapism, which is an unpleasant or long-lasting erection. Priapism can be a medical issue, and if it's not treated right away, it can hurt the penis.

You can try the following to get rid of a normal, healthy erection:

Wait it out. Most of the time, erections go away on their own when sexual desire goes away.

Change your focus: Do something non-sexual or think about something unimportant to stop thinking about sexual things.

Urinate: Letting your stomach empty may help you feel less aroused.

Physical activity: Light exercise may help the erection go away by changing the way blood flows.

Take a cool shower or bath. The cold water can narrow blood vessels and lower blood flow to the groin area, which could help weaken the erection.

If these don't work or if your erections last longer than usual or hurt, you should see a doctor right away to avoid problems.